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There’s no question that
I’ve followed an unorthodox career path.¬†

My primary career goal has always been to be in a position to showcase my original compositions. For this reason, and despite having worked with jazz luminaries such as Zoot Sims and Anita O’Day, I made a conscious decision to stop pursuing the kind of leads that might have led me to acquire a more impressive track record over the years. Instead, in 1978, I formed a New York City-based quartet (tenor sax and rhythm) with a repertoire consisting mostly of my original tunes. A couple of years later, feeling the need for a bigger platform for my tunes, I replaced the quartet with a septet, which was basically a “little big band” consisting of four horns and three rhythm.

In 1982 I moved to Philadelphia and quickly became a respected member of the local jazz community. About five years later I decided to focus on a piano-bass-drums trio. Over the next ten years my trio performed in just about every important jazz room in Greater Philadelphia. And yes, a good percentage of our repertoire was my growing catalog of original tunes.

I moved to Chicago in 1997 and began to make inroads into the local jazz scene, performing at such clubs as Green Dolphin Street, the Bop Shop, and Pete Miller’s. Then, to my surprise, I found myself writing fiction. Soon I decided to drastically cut back on my performing so that I could have as much time as possible to write. The result was that over the next fourteen years I produced three novels, a novella, and more than a handful of short stories.

In spring 2011 I realized it was time for me to start playing again in earnest, so I began what would become a year-plus of woodshedding. At the same time, I set about the task of finding and organizing (they were scattered in different manuscript books) the many tunes I’d written since moving to Chicago back in 1997.

I’ve been back on the Chicago jazz scene since spring 2013, but my primary goal remains the same: to showcase my original compositions. I invite you to listen to the six original tunes on this website (taken from my most recent CD) and judge their merit for yourself.¬†Happy listening!